Web Platform Installer Offline 5.0 For Windows

Microsoft's web platform installer is a simple tool for bloggers to altogether the new component of Microsoft web platform. The mentions are including as.Net framework, Server of SQL, Internet information service, and visual easy web developer. So this is definitely the most beneficial and free web application for the field of blogging.
Web Platform Installer offline
The program almost comes with all the content management tools inside and built with millions of Windows web application gallery.

According to the Microsoft.com, the tool has so many aspects that will make most of the users to love it. I hope that you would love the tool after look up the key functions. So I would like to narrate of the hottest key features of Microsoft Web Platform Installer offline in next few lines. Have an eye on them before to go onwards to the Download area.

Key features:

  • The Web API is absolutely free with no strings attached.
  • It is very smart and intelligent that keeps you up to date.
  • Now improved with validation support to ensure each and everything while working.
  • It is lightweight, the setup installer of web platform 5.0 is under 2 megabytes.
  • So this is the fastest way, to sum up, the Microsoft web components.
  • Automatically detect web PI from Microsoft platform to give you the latest version of each item.
  • Popular, free and ready to install Web Apps including Umbraco, WordPress, Acquia Drupal, SugarCRM.
    It is available in 14 different languages. So you can select your language to get web PI in your selective language.
Work with web platform installer command line in PHP Azure PowerShell and make all silent install on the go. Compatible with several Windows servers like 2012 R2 and others respectively. PHP Manager for IIS 6, 8, 10 is fully supportable for x64 even at the first attempt it failed to install.F

Perform each and every task consequently in offline mode. The title of this article will ensure you to work web platform installer offline.

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Finally, your download is just right below ready to go with one click around. Well, you are looking for a file that will manage all aspects through a web platform installer. So keep going to the actual path and click to start your download right now.

Download Microsoft's web Installer 5.0 offline

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